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Report: Representation of Women On-Screen 2013 edition


The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at SDSU released a study about how women fared on-screen last year. Spoiler alert: nothing has changed. Their content analysis included over 2,300 characters in top grossing films and compared these results to statistics in 2011 and 2002.protagonists

  • 15% of protagonists were female
  • Females comprised 29% of major characters
  • 30% of all speaking characters are female
  • Females are generally younger (20s-30s) than males (30s-40s)
  • 73% of all female characters were Caucasian. 14% were African American, 5% Latina, and 2% Asian.
  • Females were more likely to have an identifiable marital status, but less likely to have an identifiable occupational status.


Exasperated yet?

  • Male characters had an identifiable goal more often than female characters
  • Males had more work related goals (75%) than life related (25%), whereas for females, the goals were more evenly split, leaning more towards life goals (48% vs. 52%).
  • More men than women were portrayed as leaders.


This is the state of film today, compared to two years and a decade ago. Still no perceptible changes are being made. Studios are still churning out good ol’ run of the mill sexism.


Original report: It’s a Man’s (Celluloid) World: On-Screen Representations of Female Characters in the Top 100 Films of 2013