Emma Stone Calls Out Andrew Garfield’s Casual Sexism In The Most Perfect Way

I’m pretty sure a few male (and female) designers would disagree with him on his view that sewing is ‘feminine’.

Assigning tasks as being inherently masculine or feminine can become troubling. It becomes a slippery slope where we then assume certain career choices and the people associated with them are inferior to heteronormative ones. Garfield also asserts that his resulting costume is ‘masculine’ which I thought drove home the point that there is something wrong with a male doing something as ‘feminine’ as sewing. I think the message would’ve come off differently if he hadn’t added in the second bit. An added kudos to Emma for very calmly questioning why it is ‘feminine’ and asking for clarification.

These casually sexist comments are problematic, especially for young children who are already learning gender specific roles and who start confronting these stereotypes in school. Teaching the positives of specific qualities is much better than assigning qualities to genders which can then be used as weapons of negative stereotypes.

Love you Garfield, but maybe next time you’ll think twice before making casually sexist comments. On the bright side, your girlfriend is definitely a keeper.


That video kind of sucks. You can find the full clip in the link below.

Original: Emma Stone Calls Out Andrew Garfield’s Casual Sexism In The Most Perfect Way






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