More Women Were Working In TV During 2012-13 Season Than Ever Before

What interested me most about this article was the first comment to the article. Some of my favorite, blatantly sexist things said includes:

“…women are increasingly taking over the scripted and unscripted development jobs in town. And I don’t know if that is a good thing for the business”

“this business was DOMINATED by males since inception”

“Not that the women were never talented or deserved to be there, but they didn’t usually get there just because they were good”

“The problem is, now there are TOO many female development execs, because now it is the norm. Now, heads of companies want females because they have good “sensibilities” (which is code for since women are making major decisions at networks, we need a woman that can sense what that network exec wants). ”

Yeah, because male execs in television haven’t been doing that for years. Because male execs in film are still not doing that. This individual’s response was to results stating that 43% of speaking characters and 28% of behind-the-scenes (BTS) roles belong to females. This is by no means equal. The comment seems to mostly be complaining about the showrunners and executives-aka the BTS women. Those 28% of women are threatening this sad individuals sense of worth.

Article/Dickhead comment found on Deadline.

Original Study: Boxed In Report


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