The Powerpuff Girls Could Have Replaced Your Gender Studies Class

How am I just realizing how badass the Powerpuff girls actually are? I never watched the show as a kid but this Buzzfeed article of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice is a pretty fantastic display of breaking down gender stereotypes in children’s programming.

Prior studies have shown that girls are just as likely to be sexualized in rated G films as rated R films. Plus, kids are only taught to be gendered at a later age. If we can teach them from a young age not to see gender differences, they can grow up to respect both genders and treat them more equally. That means more programming like this in which Dads are supporting their daughters and letting them be sugar, spice, everything nice, as well as smart, strong, with nerves of steel. Shows in which superheroes and villians are both male and female, and where both genders take on any and all tasks- not just those ‘assigned’ to their sex by archaic sexist models. Change begins with teaching kids equality and recognizing how we may or may not be enforcing these values in ourselves and our youths.


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