Breaking Bad: “You’re being sexist”

We found equality in an unexpected place:

Mike: “You don’t know this woman like I do. I had a chance to deal with this before, and I gave her a pass. That’s what I get for being sexist. Now if you’ll excuse me…

Jesse: “Mike, you can’t, just—Look, that’s our precursor. We need her.

Mike: “Kid, if we have to ramp down for a while, so be it. It beats working with a lunatic who’s gonna get us arrested or killed.

Jesse: “Look, she didn’t seem crazy to me, you know? She just seemed, like, uptight.

Mike: “And now you’re being sexist. Trust me, this woman deserves to die as much as any man I’ve ever met.

— Jesse and Mike discussing Mike’s plan to kill Lydia.

They’re talking about a woman who took out a cartel in LOUBOUTINS. Mad respect, bitch!


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