phallusy cliteracy size matters

Sophia Wallace, an artist from New York, wants you to educate yourselves about the clitoris. Not much is known about this exotic phenomenon that’s existed since the birth of (wo)mankind. This article, the artist, and her art exhibit serves to illuminate some fun facts about our lady parts.

Things I took away from it:

Hopeful note: Doctors have found a way to repair the damages from clitoral mutilation.

What I was glad to hear addressed: A lot of the worst bad words are clit-centric. This is sexism/ homophobia justifying people on the receiving end of penetration being marginalized- and that shit needs to stop.

Random: Phallusy is the greatest word ever. Just ask Tobias Fünke.


Moral of the story? Break down those walls of negative connotations. Don’t be afraid to let your golden iceberg of a clit get her fucking way (pun intended).

Original article from Huff Post Women found here.


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