“Defined Lines”, aka proper “Blurred Lines” parody

Original post from Jezebel: “Defined Lines”, aka proper “Blurred Lines” parody

When I think of the original “Blurred Lines”, “Defined Lines” is the equivalent of what I see. There was a previous parody version by Mod Carousel that was a bit more forgiving to the original. It still got enough backlash that the video had an age restriction. Thicke’s version remains restriction free.

So naked men prancing around is offensive. while the reverse is what? Palatable? Marketable?

Try a pathetic and meager excuse of a music video.

You can watch the Mod Carousel version here.


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One response to ““Defined Lines”, aka proper “Blurred Lines” parody”

  1. littleyellow says :

    His video throws out the idea of the good girl who wants it a lot. Granted if you are consenting adult who love sex. Good for you. But what about the 14 year girl in Montana that was raped repeatedly by 49 year old teacher and blamed for her rape because she doesn’t look or act 14. She actually looks like the first girl with the red lips in the Robin Thicke’s video. This 14 year old girl committed suicide due to the trauma of her rape. Really makes you question the connection between the idea of “good girl who knows they want it” Like Robin Thicke implies. Not harmless? Tell that to the 14 year olds’ mother. His video is just plain dangerous to young girls. Soo sad that we call what he does talent.

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